History and Education

History and educational studies merge in diverse ways in the fields of educational history and history didactics. Therefore, this research group is called History and Education.

The research is focused around historical aspects on socialization in education, education of minorities and the design of different school subjects. The voluminous research on the history of the school subject of history unites aspects of history didactics and history of education. The historical dimension is also prominent in research on how the mediation and uses of history shape national, ethnical and political identity in society at large.

Research geared at contemporary times comprises projects on student’s interest in history, intercultural history and academic history teaching. The research group is also characterized by extensive international contacts and we are involved in international projects on history textbooks, textbook revision, history teacher training, popular/public history, digital history and debates on history education.

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Research Directors
Anna Larsson & Daniel Lindmark
Umeå University 

Visiting Address
Northern Behavioral Sciences Building, 3rd floor

Tel:  090-786 6250

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