Eco-evolutionary modeling of speciation

The European Research Networking Programme Frontiers of Speciation Resarch (FroSpects) will organize a winter school on eco-evolutionary modeling of speciation at the Abisko Scientific Research Station from March 7 to 11, 2011.

The school will provide participants with a gentle introduction to theoretical methods in modern speciation research. Introductory overviews, including some coverage of recent advances in the field, will be organized in four lecture series as listed below. These will be complemented by a fifth lecture series covering developments in empirical speciation research:

  1. Genetic speciation models (Sander van Doorn, University of Bern, Switzerland)
  2. Modeling ecological dynamics involved in speciation (Eva Kisdi, University of Helsinki, Finland)
  3. Individual-based models in speciation research (Rupert Mazzucco, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria and Katja Enberg, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway)
  4. Theory of species packing (Akira Sasaki, Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Sokendai, Hayama, Japan)
  5. Introduction to empirical speciation research (Ole Seehausen, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Eawag, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland)

The school is primarily intended for PhD students and early-stage postdoctoral researchers. Thanks to financial support by the European Science Foundation, there is no registration fee and participants will be provided with local accommodation and meals free of charge.

To receive full consideration, prospective participants should email a single PDF file with a brief CV (including a list of publications, if applicable) and a one-paragraph statement of motivation to Åke Brännström ( and Ulf Dieckmann ( before January 15, 2011. Later applications will be considered subject to availability.

This is one of two schools on theoretical speciation research to be organized by the FroSpects Research Networking Programme. The second school – which will be held in Turku, Finland, from 19 to 26 August, 2012 – will be more aimed towards participants with a mathematical background or previous modeling experience. A full list of past and upcoming events organized by FroSpects is available at

Contact information

Åke Brännström
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå 

Tel:  +46-90-7867862

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Ulf Dieckmann
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Laxenburg, Austria 

Tel:  +43 2236 807 386

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About Abisko

Abisko is a small village in northern Sweden with about 100 inhabitants. The climate is arctic.

Abisko is located near Kiruna, the Ice Hotel, and the Abisko Natural Park.

Tourist attractions include skiing, aurora borealis, Sami culture, and dog sledding.