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[2014-9-15--18] IceLab Camp

[2014-6-9--12] EcoNet 14

[2013-9-16--19] IceLab Camp

[2013-9-23--27] Metabolic Ecology and Scaling in Biology coures Read more

[2013-9-20] 10:00 IceLab seminar series. Measuring social networks by Sune Lehmann from Technical University of Denmark.

[2013-9-10] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Connecting diversification and biodiversity dynamics on interdependent networks by Dr. Carlos Melian from Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

[2013-06-19] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Collective organisation in amorphous systems: from non-Browinian suspension flow to the elasticity of floppy materials by Gustavo During from New York University.

[2013-05-28] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Quantifying expectations of model performance before simulation begins - an example from land surface models
by Gab Abramowitz from University of New South Wales, Australia.

[2013-05-22] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. A new role for learning in speciation by Dr. Tucker Gilman from University of Manchester.

[2013-05-21] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. The dimensionality of ecological networks by Anna Eklöf from Linköping University.

[2013-05-14] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Cancer as an ecological and evolutionary process by Michael E. Hochberg from University of Montpellier II France.

[2013-05-02] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Climate model projections, model ensemble interpretation and model dependence by Gab Abramowitz from University of New South Wales, Australia. Networks with memory capture real organization in integrated systems by Martin Rosvall from IceLab, Umeå University.

[2013-04-24] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Environmental variation, individual information and group performance by Matina Donaldson-Matasci from University of Arizona.

[2013-3-12] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Higher rates of daytime respiration in streams: Modeling diel ecosystem metabolism and potential drivers by Erin R. Hotchkiss from University of Wyoming. Ordering of macromolecules and carbon nanotubes in nano-sized domains by David Barbero from Umeå University.

[2013-2-14] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Dengue epidemic potential and climate - will we have more dengue in Europe? by Jing Helmersson from Dept. of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University.

[2012-12-13] Adaptive dynamics by Jonas Wickman (Msc. thesis presentation).

[2012-10-1--5] Maximum Entropy and Ecology course Read more

[2012-9-17--19] Prof. Hanna Kokko, Australian Laureate Fellow at Australian National University in Canberra will visited IceLab and IceLab camp.

[2012-09-13] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Early warnings of environmental tipping points by David A. Seekell from University of Virginia.

[2012-08-30] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Benefits of cooperation and communication in bacteria by Sandeep Krishna from National Centre for Biological Sciences, India.

[2012-08-06] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Role of predator as a crucial positive regulator of the ecosystem by Samrat Chatterjee from International centre of genetic engineering and biotechnology in New Delhi.

[2012-06-20] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Modeling intracellular regulation: Transcription factor kinetics by Andreas Grönlund from Umeå University.

[2012-06-4] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Theoretical approaches to plankton ecology by Chris Klausmeier from Michigan State University.

[2012-04-19] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Consensus clustering in complex networks by Andrea Lancichinetti from institute for Scientific Interchange, Italy. Social dilemmas through simulation: Exploring the mediating role of
personal time perspective by Anna Sircova from Umeå University.

[2012-02-23] 15:00 IceLab seminar series. Registers, graphs and causal inference by Xavier de Luna from Umeå University, and Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on Protein Stability and Folding by Alexander Christiansen from Umeå University.

[2012-02-2] 13:00 IceLab seminar series. Dynamical behavior of size-structured population models at both ecological and evolutionary time scale by Lai Zhang from Technical University of Denmark.

[2011-12-14--16] The 3rd Swedish Meeting on Mathematics in Biology
Read more

[2011-10-27] 15.00 Seminar - Dr. Genoveva Rodriguez-Castañeda, EMG
Piper: A tropical story about trophic interactions and their effects on the distribution of species.

[2011-10-17--23] A short-course on Adaptive Dynamics (Lectures and computer labs) Read more

[2011-09-26] IceLab Camp

[2011-09-20] 10:00 IceLab seminar series

Stochastic ecohydrology: Sustainable use of water resources and climate-related risks - Giulia Vico, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, USA
Exploiting opportunities for growth or avoiding water-stress: A plant dilemma - Stefano Manzoni, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, USA

[2011-09-08] 15:00 IceLab seminar series

An evolutionary theory of food-web intervality - Åke Brännström, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Why do metabolic networks look like they do? - Petter Holme, Department of Physics.

]2011-09-01] Information and the major transitions in evolution. Docent lecture by Martin Rosvall at 13:15 in N420.

[2011-08-25] 15:00 Seminar, Jing Zhao, Logistical Engineering University, China. Title: Biological-network based pharmacology for traditional Chinese medicine

2011-06-01 15:00 Seminar, Renaud Lambiotte, University of Namur, Belgium. Title: Multirelational Organization of Large-scale Social Networks in an Online World.

2011-05-12 15:00 Seminar, Peter Vestergren, Department of Applied Educational Science. Title: Remember What You Forgot! - Development of the Cognitive Dysfunction Questionnaire.

2011-05-05 15:00 Seminar, Robin Haring, University of Greifswald, Germany. Title: Systems Epidemiology.

2011-04-28 15:00 Seminar, Gregor Fussman, McGill University, Canada. Title: Persistence, cycles and synchronization in experimental populations

2011-03-15 13:30 Seminar, Bernd Blasius, Universität Oldenburg, Germany. Title: Risk and invasive spread on complex networks: from marine bioinvasion to opinion formation.

2011-02-10 15:00 Seminar series in Computational Science and Engineering:

A pulsating regime of magnetic deflagration - Mikhail Modestov (Department of Physics)
Consensus pursuit among multi-agent systems with hybrid order dynamics - Yunzhong Song (Department of applied physics and electronics)

2011-02-07 13:30 Seminar, Michael Gastner. Title: Models of Bio-Invasion Mediated by the Network of Cargo Ships

2011-02-07 Pamela Woods, Hólar University College, Iceland and University of Washington, USA, arrives for a three week stay

2011-02-07 & 08 Michael Gastner, Imperial College visits us.

2001-02-06 Tatsuya Sasaki from IIASA, Austria, arrives for a two week visit.

2011-01-27 15:00 Seminar series in Computational Science and Engineering:

Time perspective: explorations across life-span development and cultures - Anna Sircova (Department of Psychology)
Surfing on the Tibetan Plateau - colonization by the homoploid hybrid pine Pinus densata - Xiao-Ru Wang (Department of Ecology and Environmental Science)

2010-12-02 15:00 Seminar series in Computational Science and Engineering:

Biped walking robots: model-based analysis and control - Leonid Freidovich (Department of Applied Physics and Electronics)
Global Organization of Protein Complexome in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Sang Hoon Lee (Department of Physics)

2010-12-01 Umeå University has granted 8 millions kr to "IceLab: Integrated Science" as a Strong Research Environment.

2010-11-18 15:00 Seminar series in Computational Science and Engineering:

Quantum many-body physics with cold atoms - Emil Lundh (Department of Physics)
Uncertainty propagation in Matlab without the Agonizing Pain - Niclas Börlin (Department of Computing Science)

2010-09-29: We are organizing a research camp between September 29 to October 2 with more than 25 master's, PhD, and postdoctoral researchers from biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Learn more.

2010-05-28: Nicolas Loeuille from Paris VI arrives for a one week visit. Talk to be announced.

2010-04-16: Formal opening of Icelab.

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