Mathematical ecology

Ecology is the study of ecological systems, including plants, animals, or smaller organisms, both on an individual and group basis, and their interactions with other organisms and their environment. Mathematical ecology is the discipline of describing and studying ecological systems using mathematical methods, such as dynamical systems and game theory.

The mathematical ecology group do research in several areas of ecology, but the techniques used can be applied to many other areas as well, e.g. social sciences and economy. The groups primary research areas are evolution and evolving communities, collective animal behavior, and plant and vegetation modeling. The research is often done in close collaboration with empirical and theoretical scientist from all around the world, throughout Europe to Australia.

In the links on the left hand side you can find further information on people, and research projects. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in doing your degree project or PhD studies in mathematical ecology.

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