Theoretical biophysics of the living cell

Biophysics is a bridge between biology and physics. Biology studies life in its variety and complexity. It describes how organisms go about getting food, communicating, sensing the environment, and reproducing. On the other hand, physics looks for mathematical laws of nature and makes detailed predictions about the governing forces that drive idealised systems. Spanning the distance between the complexity of life and the simplicity of physical laws is the challenge of biophysics. Looking for the patterns in life and analysing them with math and physics is a powerful way to gain insights.

The theoretical biophysics group mainly work on problems attributed to single cell behaviours. A few examples are dynamics of gene expression and regulation, large-scale organisation of DNA, influence of molecular crowding on cellular processes, in vivo protein aggregation, and evolution of bacterial metabolic networks. In order to make porgies on these problems we collaborate with a broad spectra of scientists dispersed all over the world. Currently we are working with molecular biologists, experimental biophysicists, experts on stochastic process, out-of-equilibrium phenomena, and many-body problems.

This group is growing and we are looking for talented students interested in theoretical work at the interface between physics and biology. Under the 'Projects' link there is a list of topics suitable for Master thesis as well as PhD/postdoc work.

Anyone interested in this research is welcome to contact Ludvig Lizana.

Artwork by Mette Høst.

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