Cognitive Science

Cognitive science studies human beings as information processing creatures. It encompasses issues about how information is received, processed and shared  in perception, thought, memory, planning, communication and action. The research area also includes issues about how similar processes are realised in animals and artificial systems as well as how they could be realised in possible creatures that, as it happens, do not exist.

Cognitive science overlaps large parts of artificial intelligence, ethology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology.  Its roots also include information theory and mathematics. There is additional overlap with anthropology, education science and research on ageing concerning the development, degeneration, potential, and cultural variability of cognitive mechanism, and with aesthetic disciplines concerning the communication and cognitive value of aesthetic experiences.

At Umeå University, there is ongoing research in cognitive science in computer science, education science, informatics, linguistics, literature, philosophy, physiology, and psychology, including several interdisciplinary projects.

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