Health (in)equity seminars

We collaborate with the organization each month of a seminar that deals with different aspects of health (in)equity in health from a multidisciplinary perspective.

This is a collaboration between three units of Umeå´s Faculty of Medicine; Epidemiology and Global Health, the Nursing Department and the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation

The seminars take place the last Thursday of the month 14:30-16:00 in Caring Sciences Building, Room A311. Coffee, tea and snacks are provided by organizers and everybody is welcome!!

February 22: “U-CHEC Gala” will take place in the afternoon at Betula and  Common Ground, a separate flyer will be sent out with details

March 22: “Dignity, participation and health among very old people” Birgitta Olofsson, Department of Nursing

April 26: “Sociocultural aspects of inequality in health” Parvin Pooremamali, Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation

May 31: “Making youth clinics accessible for mental health. A qualitative comparative analysis in northern Sweden” Isabel Goicolea, Epidemiology and Global Health

Sidansvarig: NOEHHC