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Martin Hulman attends RiseB seminar with his new book

On the 19th September associate professor Martin Hultman, Chalmers, will conduct a seminar relating to his new book Ecological Masculinities – Theoretical foundations and practice guidance (Routledge)

RiseB participates at the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2018

The Corporate Responsibility Research Conference takes place in Leeds, September 10-12. The conference gathers researchers devoted to e.g., circular economy, corporate responsibility and workplace sustainability.

Two new research articles

New articles in Sustainable Development and Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and places in the global community.

New article

Consumer motivations for sustainable consumption: The interaction of gain, normative and hedonic motivations on electric vehicle adoption

RiseB thesis prize in sustainability and business ethics 2018

RiseB:s annual thesis price in Sustainability and Business Ethics is awarded to Matilda Bergman, Lina Håkansson and Moa Dahlbacka, Alexander Adolfsson and Marie Åström, Mälardalen University. Congratulations!

International conference and expo: How to 3D print a wooden house

An international and crossdisciplinary conference, on the topic of biobased additivies and 3D printing, will be arranged on the 30th and 31th of May, at Sliperiet in Umea. RiseB and the business school participate by sharing experiences from a competence development program.

Best paper award

Maxim Vlasov, Business Administration, has received ”the best paper award” for his article ”Ecological embedding of entrepreneurship for resilience – An empirical study of regenerative agriculture” at the Conference Sustainability, Ethics, Entrepreneurship (SEE 2018), Washington DC, USA.

RiseB:s Herman Stål to speak at an international fashion symposium

On 18-19 December Herman Stål will speak at an international symposium will be held in Stockholm, arranged by the Center for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University.

Circular fashion? A study about decoupling amongst Swedish apparel retailers

In a published paper in Journal of Cleaner Production, RiseB: s Herman Stål, together with Hervé Corvellec from Lund University, explore how Swedish apparel companies mitigate demands for circularity via decoupling.)

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