Funding agencies



Xavier de Luna Statistical models and methods to study life
trajectories in the labour market and health
5.400.000 kr

The Swedish Foundations for Humanities and Social Science


Urban Lindgren       

The Umeå SIMSAM Lab - Infrastructure for Microdata Research from Childhood into Lifelong Health and Welfare

4 183 000 kr

Marianne och Marcus Wallenberg's Foundation


Malin Eriksson Child health inequalities and place:
An explanatory study combining multi-level
analyses and micro-qualitative studies
3 467 000


Xavier de Luna Innovative statistical methods for optimal
use of large-scale register data in studies of
causal pathways
4 600 000
Karina Nilsson Growing up with poor health and managing
at school – Childhood health and school
achievement in the intersection between
families, schools and municipalities
3 980 000

The Kempe Foundations

Stipends for 2 postdocs during the period 2012-2014, 2 x 450 000

Funded research projects using the SIMSAM infrastructure (2014-09-25)

Inna Feldman, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala University, Health and economic impact of a population based health promotion programme for children and parents 3 130 000
Miguel San Sebastián
Umeå University, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Global Health
Applying an equity lens to cardiovascular disease prevention in Northern Sweden 2 980 000
Anna Baranowska-Rataj
Umeå University, Department of Sociology
The effects of the number of siblings on child well-being 2 580 000
Guilherme Chihaya da Silva
Umeå University, Department of Geography and Economic History
Segregated biographies and immigrant residential integration 3 230 000
Paola Mosquera
Umeå University, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Global Health
Are health inequities rooted in the past? A novel life course approach to socioeconomic inequities in cardiovascular health in Northern Sweden 1 990 000

Vetenskapsrådet - 2013

Mattias Strandh
Umeå University, Department of Sociology
How are school achievements influenced by poor childhood health? – The importance of poor health, family living conditions, schools and neighborhoods for grades and the risk of dropouts 4 667 000
Eva Lindgren
Umeå University, Department of Language Studies
What doors can languages open? 5 017 000

The Swedish Research Council
28.8 million SEK during 2009-2013

Umeå University
For internationalization activities
576 000 SEK per year during 2009-2013

For a network coordinator 50%
490 000 SEK per year 2011 and 2012

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