The Economic Policy Network

Economic policy has been a common theme for much of the research produced in Economics at Umeå University during the latest two decades. It is also one of the research areas that the university prioritizes.

The Economic Policy Network was established in the summer of 2013 with the major purpose of developing a common infrastructure for this research. Researchers belonging to the Network approach different issues related to public policy from diverse starting points such as public economics, local public finance, behavioral economics, labor economics, and empirical economics.

Four themes are central to our current research: (i) economic policy and behavioral economics; (ii) economic policy and the labor market; (iii) economic policy and sustainable development; and (iv) economic policy and fiscal federalism.


January 2018

26 January at 14:00–15:00

Friday TEPN Workshop/Seminar

Seminar series Hanna Lindström: "Green Public Procurement: An empirical analysis of the effect of organic food policy on farmland" with Sofia Lundberg and Per-Olov Marklund.

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