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UMIT Research Lab is an environment for fundamental research in computational science and engineering. Innovative software tools for simulation and high-performance computing are developed and tested in collaboration with industry partners.

The development of hardware architectures with a multidue of cores, parallel computing, visualization and elastic IT infrastructure is rapid. This brings new possibilities for technical and scientific computing, new software tools and services for handling large amount of data rapidly. UMIT Research Lab focuses on developing new solutions in knowledge in simulation technology that unleashes the new computing powers.


Massive effort on future autonomous systems for industry and society

2016-11-29 (from 2016-11-21)
The Kempe Foundations have granted two years of funding for eight postdoctoral researchers in autonomous systems in a major investment at Umeå University. Autonomous systems consist of software and infrastructure that together with humans provide increased functionality, sustainability, and efficien...

The future of cranes are digital

Digitalization affects even the future of cranes. That much was clear when around 60 scientists and corporate representantives gathered in Umeå for a theme day on the future of cranes.

Designing acoustic devices using thin materials

2016-05-30 (from 2016-05-27)
Acoustic devices like mufflers and loudspeakers are all around us. In the design of such devices, computer simulations and numerical optimisation algorithms are becoming increasingly useful in order to shorten the product development time and decrease the number of physical prototypes. Esubalewe Lak...

Björn Adlerborn has defended his licentiate thesis

Björn Adlerborn has defended his licentiate thesis entitled ”Parallel Algorithms and Library Software for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem on Distributed Memory Computer Systems”.

Telco Cloud: cloudy with a chance

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in our lives. That means the cloud must be too. How will telecommunications companies adapt in order to support our networked society?

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