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UMIT Research Lab is an environment for fundamental research in computational science and engineering. Innovative software tools for simulation and high-performance computing are developed and tested in collaboration with industry partners.

The development of hardware architectures with a multidue of cores, parallel computing, visualization and elastic IT infrastructure is rapid. This brings new possibilities for technical and scientific computing, new software tools and services for handling large amount of data rapidly. UMIT Research Lab focuses on developing new solutions in knowledge in simulation technology that unleashes the new computing powers.


Professor of Computing Science receives honorary fellowship

Bo Kågström, senior professor of Computing Science at Umeå University has been appointed Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellow of 2016. He is being honoured for contributions to the understanding of matrix pencils and for leadership within the European high performance computing comm...

New methods for more energy-efficient internet services

2016-01-22 (from 2016-01-19)
Billions of people use the internet, which requires huge data centres and results in an enormous energy consumption. In her doctoral dissertation at Umeå University, Mina Sedaghat has developed techniques and algorithms to manage and schedule the resources in these large data centres at a lesser cos...

Partnership agreement and competence center strengthens cooperation with Volvo GTO

Volvo has inaugurated the Group's competence center at the factory in Umeå and a partnership agreement has been signed with Umeå University for closer cooperation in the future.

Improved tools for structured matrix computations

2015-12-15 (from 2015-12-08)
To design and analyse a model of a mechanical system such as an electrical network or a chemical reaction process is often a complex problem that requires high-quality mathematical theories and computational tools. The parameters and data are often influenced by the various types of disturbances and...

Million grant for the future of supercomputers

Umeå University, together with three international partners, has been granted over 36 million sek to a major research project on methods and software for future supercomputers.

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