About UMIT Research Lab

UMIT Research Lab is a strategic initiative in computational science and engineering with focus on industrial applications and innovative software development. The research lab is a dynamic, intellectual and physical research environment enabling worldclass interdisciplinary research in scientific, high-performance, distributed, real-time and visual computing.

The research activities result in new models, methods, algorithms for advanced simulations and analysis. High-quality software solutions targeting new high-performance computing platforms and IT infrastructures are developed. See more about UMIT Research Groups. Read the UMIT annual report.

UMIT focuses on challenges and applications that have a high relevance to industry and society. Research and development in collaboration with industry and society is key ingredient of the environment.

Three global technology trends that will radically change the use of simulations and computations.

  • Convergence in the technologies behind CAD/CAE, technical and scientific computing as well as visualization and digital manufacturng.
  • More powerful computers through parallelism and multi-core architechtures.
  • Everything becomes embedded in web-browsers and connected through scalable and flexible IT-infrastructures.

Research lab

The lab is a natural meeting place for interdisciplinary research and development, with affiliated staff from the departments of computing science, mathematics, mathematical statistics, physics and applied physics and electronics. Over 50 researchers and developers are involved in the UMIT environment. The lab has work places for 30 researchers, guests and students and was opened in late spring 2011 in the MIT building. The lab offers access to key equipment and software - and many meeting areas. Seminars and workshops are centered on recent research results and common interests in numerical methods, software and hardware architectures, as well as industrial applications and work methods.


Activities include fundamental research, development of new software tools and work methods for industrial research and development. In some cases these are run as collaborative projects including partners from industry and society aiming at new competitive products and services.


The board members are Bo Kågström, Mats G Larson and Åsa Rasmuson-Lestander (chairman). The managment group consist of Martin Berggren, Kenneth Bodin, Erik Elmroth, Bo Kågström, Mats G Larson (project leader), Mats Johansson (coordinator) and Martin Servin (coordinator) .


Main fundeers are the Baltic foundation, Umeå municipality, EU Structural Fund Objective 2 and Umeå University. The research is internationally competitive and has strong support from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Foundation for strategic research, VINNOVA and the EU's 7th framework program. Many other funding organizations and companies co-finance specific project activities.

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