Grants for Cut Finite Elements

The Swedish Research Council has granted a total of SEK 5.8 million for research around cut finite element methods.

Research and development of humanoid robots using physics-based simulation

Dr. Shinichiro Nakaoka from AIST visited UMIT Lab on October 31 and gave a talk on the use of physics-based simulation in research and development of humanoid robots.

Swedish e-Science Academy 2017

The Swedish e-Science Academy 2017 was held at Umeå University on October 11 - 12, 2017.

Johan Tordsson on AI & data centers at OpenStack Nordic

Johan Tordsson will be speaking at OpenStack Nordic about how to achieve self-driving data centers with OpenStack.

Scientific advisor to Komatsu Ltd

Martin Servin has been appointed advisor to Komatsu Ltd International High-tech and Innovation board.

Presentations at Particles 2017

Computational modeling of granular matter to track material in piles and silos, predict the wear and damage in material handling systems and for designing safety berms to stop skidding mine trucks of ultra-class size. That was the topic of three presentations involving UMIT research at the Particles...

ABB Robot Studio is released with realtime physics from Algoryx Simulation

Robot Studio is ABB's software for offline programming of industrial robots. The latest release come with realtime physics using AGX Dynamics from the spinoff Algoryx Simulation.

Algoryx contracted for robotics simulation for restoration of the Fukushima disaster area

The spinoff Algoryx Simulation and VMC Co. Ltd. have entered a joint research agreement with the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, to develop simulation solutions for disaster response robotics.

New research horizons with voyage of scientific discovery on the Baltic Sea

2017-08-22 (from 2017-07-25)
Drawing on mankind’s earliest spirit of adventure, nine teams of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) researchers and international peers will forge new ideas together on the sailing ship ‘Thor Heyerdahl’ in the summer of 2017.

International conference on computational methods

The international conference X-DMS 2017 is held in Umeå 19-21 of June gathers about 150 scientists on the topic of extended discretization methods for complex and evolving geometries and computational software packages that support this.

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