International conference on computational methods

[2017-06-19] The international conference X-DMS 2017 is held in Umeå 19-21 of June gathers about 150 scientists on the topic of extended discretization methods for complex and evolving geometries and computational software packages that support this.

The conference gathers about 150 scientists working on these approaches and provides an arena for presentation of recent state of the art research contributions, exchange of ideas between different approaches, and to identify and discuss promising new research directions.

The program include 120 presentations on the following topics

  • Partition of Unity methods including meshfree and generalized
  • finite element methods
  • Multimesh and overlapping mesh methods
  • Cut finite element methods
  • Fictitious and cut isogeometric methods
  • Immersed finite element methods
  • Fictitious domain methods
  • Multiscale methods
  • Methods for problems on complex and evolving domains
  • Methods for coupled problems involving domains of different
  • dimensionality
  • Software packages for extended discretization methods

The full program can be found on the conference website.

X-DMS 2017 is one of the thematic conferences of the European Community in Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) and a special interest conference of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).

Editor: Martin Servin

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