Practical information

Under the different headings below you can find practical information about the workshop, the city of Umeå, how to get there, where to stay, how to reach the venue, where to eat, and a few basic but useful facts about Sweden.

Workshop structure

The workshop takes place at Umeå University, room N420 in the Natural Sciences Building (Naturvetarhuset).
We plan to have 11 invited talks (35 plus 5 min), a poster session and a restricted number of contributed talks (20 plus 5 min). The number of poster presentations will however not be restricted. Please consult the program for more information.
The workshop is intended to be an informal get-together meeting.

Workshop fees

The workshop is free of charge. Registred participants are cordially invited to attend joint free lunches at the university, Restaurang Hjortron, and the free conference dinner on the evening of May 15.

Wednesday: Helstekt biff med bearnaisesås samt västerbotten-och ölbrässerad potatis. Spenatlasagne (Veg).
Thursday: Örtbakad lax med ljummen potatissallad samt pestocremé. Bönwok (Veg).

Dinner at Rex Officersmessen, Umestan Företagspark 4, 903 47 Umeå. Google.maps
Sikromstoast / whitefish roe toast
Reninnanlår / reindeer
Smultronmousse / strawberry mousse

Workshop venue

The workshop takes place at the Naturvetarhuset building, room N420. You can find two maps of the campus below and further information on the university webpages for travel directions and interactive maps of the campus.

About Umeå

Umeå is, with approximately 110 000 inhabitants, the largest city in northern Sweden. It is situated ca. 600 km north of Stockholm. The average temperature in May is around 12°C.
The tourist office in Umeå offers information about the Umeå region (Renmarkstorget 15,, Tel. 46 (0) 90 16 16 16, Fax 46 (0) 90 12 82 70).

Arrival and departure

Making your travel arrangements to Umeå should not cause too many difficulties, but it is wise to book flight and local accommodation early on.
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian operate daily flights from Stockholm Arlanda airport (about 1 hour flight time), with prices starting at 349 SEK/€39. At the airport you can take a taxi
directly to your hotel for about 160 SEK/€18. Credit cards are normally accepted. If you arrive late, we recommend that you book a taxi in advance (Umeå Taxi, Tel. 46 (0) 90 77 00 00 or Taxi
Direct, Tel. 46 (0) 90 100 100). There is also a bus from the airport that will take you downtown and to the University (Stop: Universum).
Alternatively, an overnight train from Stockholm, Nattåget operated by SJ (English information) gives an opportunity to see a bit more of the Swedish landscape.
Please keep in mind that you are usually required to take your luggage through customs yourself when transiting at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.


There are several hotels in different price ranges to choose from. The tourist information has a good website through which all mentioned hotels (and more) can be booked online.

Clarion Collection Hotel Uman
Storgatan 52, Tel. 46 (0)90-12 72 20
Price indication: SEK1020/€120

Comfort Hotell Winn
Skolgatan 64, Tel: 46 (0)90-71 11 00, Fax: 46( 0)90-71 11 50
Price indication: SEK1020/€120

Hotel Pilen
Pilgatan 5, Tel 46 (0)90 14 14 60
Price indication: SEK700/€80

Hotell Dragonen
Västra Norrlandsgatan 5, Tel 46 (0)90 125800, Fax: 46 (0)90 773895
Price indication: SEK795-1125/€95-€135

Scandic Plaza Hotell
Storgatan 40
Tel. 46 (0)90 205 63 00, Fax: 46 (0)90 205 63 11
Price indication: SEK2030/€245

Hotell Aveny
Rådhusesplanaden 14, Tel. 46 (0)90 13 41 00,
Fax. 46 (0)90 13 41 80
Price indication: SEK1595/€185

Hotell gamla fängelset
Storgatan 62, Tel. 46 (0)90 10 03 80
Price indication: SEK440/€51

Local transportation

Umeå University is situated approximately 2 kilometers outside the city centre (30 minutes walking) and is easily reached by bus. Busses depart roughly every 10 minutes from Vasaplan (B), which is located a 5 minutes walk (450 meters) away from Hotel Uman (A).

A single trip costs 25 SEK/€2.90, while there are discounted prices if you purchase 6 trips or more. Please note that the busses do not accept cash, only credit cards and SMS-tickets (a registered
Swedish cell phone is required: send an SMS with “VB uv” to 723 22). You can also purchase tickets at the Bus Information Office located at Vasaplan close to the bus stops (B).
Bus lines number 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9 all go between the city centre (Vasaplan) and the University Universum/University Hospital. It is a good idea to ask the driver if the bus is going to the university, to make sure that the bus goes in the right direction. Taxis cost about SEK100 (about €12) one way.

List of restaurants

A budget meal in Umeå can cost as little as 60 SEK (about €7), but at most restaurants you should expect to pay from 150 SEK (about €16) and up. Alcoholic drinks can be expensive. Below we have listed some restaurants close to the city centre or the university, but there are also many others to choose from. Vegetarian meals are normally available at all restaurants, but please ask if in doubt. Food allergies are not unusual in Sweden, so restaurants can often cater to special diets.

Fine dining. Located at Vasaplan near Hotel Winn. Recommended by several Swedish gourmet magazines. Table reservation is recommended, Tel. 46 (0)90 71 11 15

Lottas krog
Centrally located pub that serves traditional pub food and Swedish meals. English menu available. It can sometimes be difficult to find a table. Nygatan 22.

Bishop’s arms
Centrally located pub that serves traditional pub food and Swedish meals. Good assortment of single malt whiskeys, ranging in the hundreds. It is sometimes difficult to find a table. Renmarkstorget 8.

Japanese restaurant located a few hundred meters from Stora Hotellet. Storgatan 43.

Restaurant, bar and nightclub with predominantly Italian food. Renmarkstorget 6.

Rex bar och grill
Bar, restaurant, and night club located in the town hall (rådhus) close to First Stora Hotellet. The restaurant serves excellent meals, but the noise from the often young crowd there in the evenings
can be intimidating. Rådhustorget.

Recommended by D. Cohen. Vasagatan 1

Chinese restaurant, close to the university. Storgatan 113.

Great Eastern
Chinese restaurant, close to the train station. Magasingatan 17.

Indian restaurant, close to the train station. Rådhusesplanaden 17 D.

Swedish hamburger chain. Kungspassagen.

Useful facts about Sweden

Tipping in restaurants is welcome but generally not expected. Electricity is 220V with a continental European socket. The tap water is drinkable. The currency is Swedish crowns (SEK). 100 SEK is approximately 11 EUR, 16 USD, or 10 GBP. International country dialing code is 46; outgoing international calls should be prefixed by 00. The emergency number for ambulance, fire department, and police is 112.

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